5 Tips To Choose Perfect Tiles for your home in Vijayawada

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Tiles are a key element for every home makeover project in Vijayawada. Tiles can set the tone, colour and style of a room and also give a polished, finished look if done the right way.

As expected, choosing the right floor tiles and wall tiles takes lots of consideration. Picking your best fit tile is not that easy. Tiling a space is in itself a big commitment which is sure to be long-lasting. So this definitely isn’t a decision to rush.

So what is that you need to know to avoid costly mistakes? Well, careful planning and research are crucial in designing a home renovation. However, with the plethora of tile designs and patterns in the market, it can be really difficult to know where to even start with!

Lets discuss a few tips on how to pick the perfect tiles for every corner of your home inspired from our Tile showroom Vijayawada.

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1. Deciding which space you want to Tile

So, before you begin your tiling job, you need to have a strong idea of where you would like your tiles to go and what effect you want to create for your space. If you want a uniform look, you may want to use the same tiles on the walls and floor. To add a vivid look, you may want to mix your styles with feature wall tiles and then a different coloured floor tile. Maybe you are planning to bring the outdoors inside? Then you would want to use the same tiles in your conservatory leading out into your garden. Do you want tiles with texture or ones with shine? Or probably matt finish tiles? There can be so many questions. Want to browse some trendy collections of the latest tile designs? Check out our Tile showroom in Vijayawada.

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2. Picking the Right Coloured Tiles

The colour of your tiles will surely have a huge impact on the overall look of your space. So how to know what shades to go for? Well, you can follow some simple tips:

  • White tiles can look bright and light and are great for making a small room look bigger. However, they can be hard to keep clean. they are the perfect flooring solution.
  • Dark coloured tiles will add drama to your space. They are perfect for busy homes as they hide the dirt but can make a small room feel clumsy.
  • In case the space you’re working with has a relaxed feel, then naturals are the safe bet. Cream, beige and natural stone tiles will give a calm look to your space. Warmer tones will give a Mediterranean look.
  • If you wish to add glamour, then you should pick a metallic tile.
  • Also, coloured tiles will set the tone of your space, especially on the walls.

At the end of the day, it is totally up to you which colours you want to go for. One rule to follow is to make sure that your wall tiles and floor tiles work well together.

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3. Choosing the Perfect Size and Scale 

Further, we’ve got to think about scale and what size tiles you pick depends on the impact you want them to have in your home.

Are you looking to make a room appear larger? Then bigger tiles are better. Also, small, mosaic styles are perfect if you’re tiling a surface that may not be perfectly straight.

different size tiles in Vijayawada

4. Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles? 

Porcelain tiles are harder, denser, and less porous than ceramic ones. Therefore, ceramics are an affordable choice for walls in low moisture areas like living spaces. Porcelain tiles are naturally more durable and water-resistant making them perfect for areas that are prone to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. Check out trendy bathroom and kitchen tiles.

Somewhere down the line, it comes down to budget too. If you are looking to revamp your home in the short term then you’ll want to go for ceramics. If you want a look that will last longer, then go for porcelain tiles.

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles in Vijayawada

5. Patterned Tiles or Plain Tiles

Patterned tiles often create an impressive impact in isolated areas. In case you want a more minimal look, then you should go for plain tiles. This doesn’t mean they have to be dull! Pick tiles with texture or a high gloss or polish finish. They suit best for kitchen tiles and even accent wall tiles.

Pattern and plain tiles in Vijayawad